Brelonda Walker is a licensed professional counselor supervisor in the state of North Carolina. She has received several hours of continuing education units in clinical supervision of mental health professionals. Brelonda taught at the collegiate level for several years and mentored well over 100 undergraduate students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She has also mentored several professionally licensed individuals in the mental health field over the past 10 years.

Ms. Walker has extensive knowledge and experience in treating adolescents, adults, couples, and families. She specializes in providing diagnostic evaluations, psychotherapy, and consultations to clients experiencing mood disorders, grief and loss, anxiety disorders, chronic illnesses, and occupational/employment problems. She is able to provide supervision in each of these areas.

Brelonda employs an integrative model of supervision that incorporates a psychotherapy based experiential model and an interpersonal approach. She uses the cognitive-behavioral model as a primary theory, which has the basic assumption that the manner in which people process information influences their behavior, emotions, and physiology. The supervision sessions are structured, focused, and educational.

As a supervisor, Ms. Walker will clarify expectations of the supervisee, maintain appropriate boundaries, foster the exploration of new ideas, provide constructive criticism and give positive reinforcement at every supervision session. She will utilize direct observation as the preferred supervision method. However, if it is not feasible, then either audio or video-taped sessions are required. Techniques such as Interpersonal Process Recall, Role Play and Role Reversal, and Modeling are used to evaluate these recorded sessions. A competency-based model is used to evaluate supervisees. Ms. Walker will instruct and model skills that facilitate the supervisee’s development and self-assessment.

Both individual and group supervision sessions are offered. Contact Dominion Counseling & Consulting Services, PLLC at (704) 896-6044 for session rates and availability.